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  Beijing East Sunland S&T Co., Ltd. (ESL) is a successful distributing company of worldwide reputed manufacturers, including Parr Instrument Company, Siebtechnik GmbH, and Normag etc. ESL offers products and services as follows:
Parr: stirred and non-stirred reactors, calorimeters, cell disruption bombs, sample preparation vessels;
Normag: Glass equipment,such as glass reactors,distilation units,for Lab.and process application;
Siebtechnik: laboratory sample mills, grinding and sieving machines;
FAUSKE: Adiabatic Reaction Calorimeter,Reactive System Screening Tool
ChemiSens: Reaction Calorimeter Systems
Others: ESL also offers pilot plant reactor and process control systems, metering pumps, liquid metering pumps,lab vacuum pump, heating and refrigerated circulators, gas boosters, as well as consulting services for chemical engineering process.

The equipments we offer are widely used in the chemical, petrochemical, metallurgy, bio-technology, pharmaceutical, food manufacturing, agricultural-chemistry industries, laboratory research and development, and analysis technology areas.

ESL provides professional technical support and the outstanding services to his clients and has won good reputation in the academic institutions, universities, government key laboratories and chemical industry.

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