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FAI VSP2 Calorimeter
The Vent Sizing Package2 (VSP2) calorimeter was originally developed through the AIChE DIERS research program to obtain test data for directly sizing emergency relief systems (Vent Sizing). Introduced in 1985, it was first referred to as the DIERS Bench Scale Apparatus, but was subsequently commercialized by FAI as the VSP, and with automation it became the VSP2. In particular, the DIERS program identified the need to have a light-weight test cell so that the thermal inertia of the test cell does not mask or dampen a chemical runaway relative to what would occur at process scale. The result was a patented low phi-factor apparatus whose data can be directly scaled up without resorting to tedious computational efforts.
VSP2 tests are used to simulate such upset scenarios as loss of cooling, loss of stirring, mischarge of reagents, mass-loaded upset, batch contamination and fire exposure heating.
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